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Where do we go to ask questions?

Email is the best way, either directly to one of the people listed on the Developers page or join the Mailing List. We'd prefer the mailing list since it gets archived for the public.

What open standards are supported by TUCAN?

TUCAN supports CORBA, and right now on the backend supports POP email, and future support for iCal calendaring is planned. Instant messaging has been discussed, such as AIM, Yahoo etc, but right now the focus is on basic services like email, calendar, fax, voice mail and addressbook. Everything is dependent on the servant side of things, so we can easily add in many types of messaging to the system.

What CORBA compliance do you have? What ORBs have you tested on?

Currently, all of our software is built on top of the omniORB3 CORBA implementation. We have not actually done tucan testing with other orbs but there has been a good deal of testing between omniORB3 and other ORBS so tucan should work accross orbs just the same as omniORB3 does. Hopefully once we get things more stable we can sit down and do more distributed testing accross multiple orbs. You could check the omniORB3 site for more info on this ...

I am interested in porting to Some Platform; is anyone else doing so?

Right now our only supported system is linux, but we'd love to see TUCAN get ported to others, let us know if you do get it working on another platform and we will list it on the website.